Japanese Snack Attack!!! #1

Today  I it was time for me to sign up for a Marukai membership (Marukai is an asian market in california) Everytime I visit Marukai I want to try everything!…Especially because I can’t read what anything Says. (It makes it mysteriously delicious) Today when I bought my membership I also purchased a bunch of food and drinks I was curious about. The first item I tried today was coconut water green tea. I don’t know but the thought of  coconut and tea sounded like it would be refreshing!  maybe its because I’m used to the artificial coconut flavor but when i tried this it was the absolute worst drink I’ve ever had. I couldn’t even bear to drink any more and all I could think was how they could let a company make something so disgusting. lol It tasted like plastic and maybe a hint of rubbing alcohol(I could taste the coconut water but the other tastes were overpowering it). I can’t really describe it but maybe coconut water and green tea shouldn’t be mixed. :

I give this drink a 0/10

price : 1.50$

Don’t bother!


Comments or questions here! :)

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