Japanese Snack Attack!!! #2

I went to see what I could find at Marukai today and I noticed that next door they had a Daiso japan store. Ive never been in one but it was really great because almost everything in the store is 1.50$. I bought some ramen chips, sriracha peas, mochi ice cream and Ramune soda along with a bunch of other cute things I didn’t need. lol . I’ve only opened the sriracha peas so far and they were actually pretty tasty if you don’t mind having extreme garlic breath for a while. It seems like I can’t get enough Sriracha now that they closed the california factory down I feel  like they might raise the prices or something. They don’t even sell the chili at my local ralphs anymore!

Anyway … this time it seems that my food experiment went well. I’m glad it didn’t turn out like the coconut water. I hope the ramen chips I try tomorrow will be this delicious. I can hardly control myself from eating all the other snacks I bought but I have to wait till tomorrow.

Sriracha peas : 3/10

price : 1.50$



Spicy sriracha peas!

Thank you for reading!!

One thought on “Japanese Snack Attack!!! #2

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