Birchbox Review ~ February 2014

Birchbox is a Subscription service similar to Ipsy. You pay $10 every month and they are supposed to send deluxe samples. You can Click this link if your interested in signing up.

What I didn’t realize is your supposed to fill out your profile on there website. When I signed up it didn’t let me know and I think thats why my box arrived so empty.

birI read a lot of bad reviews on birch box but I still Gave them the benefit of the doubt.

I opened my box and was not Impressed. {I was Actually kind of sad}

I feel like these little samples are not worth $10. I could get these free with an online order from sephora they are so small!

I don’t have a close up picture of the Harvey Prince hello perfume because I’m Allergic to strong fragrances and this one was Horrible. I had to throw it out. ūüė¶

This is a quarter size amount of an Anti aging serum by Skin & co.

They included two tea bags. White Vanilla Grapefruit and classic flavors.bir5
This was probably The best thing in the box and its about the size of my Thumb. In my Ipsy box I received a Full size nail polish so this was extremely disappointing.
bir6This is also something worth trying but it still doesn’t save this box. Its a oil for your hair and it says it protects it from UV rays and heat keeping it healthy and shiny. Its also a quarter size.birchr

I thought this box might be a little disappointing but compared to other boxes it seems like I got the left over crumbs. The only Reason Im Keeping my Subscription is because Im hoping Next Month they will Redeem themselves.

Thank you for reading!

Ill Be Posting my graze review soon!

Free From Sephora!!

Sephora has a free rewards program where you can accumulate points with purchases you make. Every dollar you spend is 1 point and once you reach 100 points you can get a free deluxe sample of a featured product.

If you wait until you accumulate 500 points you can get a limited edition set! Your points don’t expire so you can take you sweet time collecting them and have a nice surprise when you reach 100 or 500 points. Although I think its better to wait til you reach 500 points because its usually worth more.

On my Recent trip to Sephora the Cashier informed me that I Finally Had collected 500 Points. Yay!

They Gave me {what I think is the best 500 point gift so far} a Benefit Set!

girlmeetspearlIt Came With a Full Size Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter { $30 Value} a Bene Tint Mini 0.13 fl oz and a Bad Gal Lash Mini 0.14 oz!
girlmeetspearl1They Give all this to you In the cute little box labeled Sweet to meet you! Things are so much better when there free!

I think they Have a L’Occitane Favorites set right now for 500 points too and it includes 5 deluxe samples.

Another Awesome Benefit of being a Sephora Beauty Insider Is that they give you a free Birthday gift every Year! 

In 2013 Sephora Gave me a Sample size They’re Real! mascara and Watt’s Up! highlighter. This Year they are giving a mini Make Up For Ever Lipstick and mascara! Too bad I have to Wait Until August.


I Highly Recommend you Sign up for Sephora Beauty Insider Program and at least get your free birthday gift.

They Also offer a birthday gift for MEN. {Usually a Mini Jack Black Shaving kit}

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New Cream Stew Cheetos!

I made another trip to Marukai Market today and to my surprise found these bad boys. lol

Why would they make cream stew flavored chips? I¬†don’t know.

This Reminds me of Willy Wonka’s 3-course dinner gum. Its a Dinner Chip! but I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised considering the weird chip flavors they have. {Like the Chicken and Waffles From Lays}

All in all these were pretty tasty! They taste like a sweet cream corn stew and if you close your eyes you can even taste the broccoli and carrots Mmmm

They don’t compare to Hot Cheetos¬†which are my favorite chip flavor but they deserve a try.


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Loot Crate ~ February 2014

Loot crate is a monthly subscription box full of epic geek and gamer gear! Each month they hand-pick 6-7 items that include t-shirts, stickers, collectables and they are kept secret until they get delivered.

This subscription only costs $13.37 + $6 for shipping for a total of $19.37 and even cheaper if you order 3 months together.

I just got my Loot crate in the mail today. This months Theme is WARRIORS! Thats a awesome theme and  Loot crate posted a couple of things on Facebook that made me think that maybe we were going to get something from Zelda.

If your interested in signing up for loot crate you can check it out here.

lootThis is Feburarys Epic mega crate! They still haven’t Annonced the Winner {I hope its me… hehe}

It Includes The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Special Edition 3DS XL!


photo credit:

They Included a Dunny Sideshow Blind box figure. I actually really love mine, it kinda looks like a sugar skull! Value $9.97

loot2I also Received this awesome Alpha Battle shirt {This box would have been a lot better if it had more items based on these characters} ¬†Im ¬†sure all the girls would agree that these shirts would be so much better with a v-neck. ūüôā Value $15

They also included this super cute Bravest warriors Bow tie.

Where exactly am I supposed to wear this Bow tie? Just Sayin’
loot3{Starting from top left}

Gas powered stick Cinch backpack. If they are going to send me a cinched bag then at least put a badass character on it.  lol

They also sent us a bacon love card. I would have really liked to get this before valentines day but its Still pretty cool. Along with this we also got a membership to send free e-gift cards from Value $4

The last items in my box were a code for a free Digital Bravest warriors comic and a Bravest Warrior sticker. value $1.99


Total Value is around $30 for the items I could find online but Only $25 value of items I would actually buy.

This Months crate Definitely revolved around the bravest warrior show. Im not a fan of this box and I think they shouldn’t have focused so much on the Bravest warrior cartoon. Im sorry to say but if ¬†march isn’t any better I’ll be forced to cancel and maybe switch over to NerdBlock.

What do you think of this months Loot Crate? Epic or Epic Fail?

Thank you for reading!

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Photography by Stacey Pearl

NatureBox Review ~ February 2014

I decided to try NatureBox this month because my first box was 50% off and I’m a sucker for a good deal.

I don’t eat very healthy and I’m just going to say it … I’m kinda cheap. I never thought I would end up sticking with the subscription to NatureBox but After My first box I became hooked!


There are 3 Boxes to choose from.

  • Nature box deluxe~ $19.95 Comes with 5 full snack bags {you choose from the dozens of different snacks they have}
  • Happy Snacker~ $29.95 Comes with 10 Full sized snack bags{5 different snacks/ 2 of each snack=10 snacks total} This is the one I ordered.
  • Smart Snacker ~ $49.95 Comes with 20 Full sized Snack bags {5 different snacks/4 packages of each snack =20 snacks}

My box came with 11 packages of snacks but I ate 2 as soon as it arrived! {so they aren’t in the picture but they were duplicates anyway}

Lets Start with my bonus snack! They included a extra surprise snack … isn’t that nice.

My bonus snack was the Everything bagel stix. These are a vegan sesame stick with poppy seeds, garlic and onions.

These are garlic and onion flavored cracker stick. They are very crunchy, filling and pretty good when your craving a savory snack.

Serving size:1/3 cup Cal:170


I also chose the Dried California Peaches because they were on the NatureBox favorite list.

They are Obviously dehydrated peaches. I didn’t care for them {they smell so awful} and wouldn’t order them again.

Serving size:5 peaches cal:100

natureboxI had to order The Chipotle Maple almonds because they are so weird!

I think these are a really good deal considering that your paying only about $3 per snack and at my local sprouts flavored almonds are $13 a LB.

These are my Favorite because they taste like sweet maple and then POW! the spicy chipotle kicks in. ūüôā

Serving size:1/4 cup cal:170


Pear Praline crunch is a sweet pear flavored mixture of pecans and cashews. They taste Like diet sweetener so it takes a little time to get used to them. I think without the pear flavor these would taste better. I gave these away and I won’t be ordering these again either.

Serving size:1/4 cup cal: 160

naturebox2Cashew Power Clusters

These just taste like a cashew power bar with a hint of sugar. Yummy!

Serving Size:1/4 cup Cal:150


Dried Granny Smith Apples

These are So delicious!! They are sweet, tart and taste exactly like an apple. Unlike dried bananas and peaches these are still refreshingly delectable. They are almost like chips but a little chewy {in a good way}

I could easily polish these off 10 min…. who am I kidding 5

Serving size: 10 rings Cal:100

I no longer reach for chips and candy because I have these snacks now! Hopefully soon Ill combine Healthy eating with exercise and lose a little weight. {This is a good start}

Thank you for reading and if your interesting in Signing up use this link and you will get 50% off your first box too!


Do you have a NatureBox subscription? Which one is your favorite snack?

Ipsy Review ~ February 2014

This is only my second bag from Ipsy! Just in case you don’t know what Ipsy is, its a Subscription company that sends you about 5 cosmetic items and a makeup bag every month for just 10$ +tax. 

what I love about this particular company is that you take a detailed quiz so they can customize your bag! Everyone gets something different and Its a Surprise until you receive your Glam bag.

As an Ipsy subscriber you get a discount on all the products they send out that month . Ill be Including the discount they offer in the description of each item.

This is what I received in my FEBRUARY bag!!


The Bag this month is hot pink for Valentines Day!

As a Ipsy member You get a discount on the products as well!

The First Item In my Bag was the Zoya Nail Polish and its a full size product!! This Product alone practically pays for the bag already   .5 Fl Oz

Color: Odette

Retails at $9 

Buy any 2 Zoya nail polishes and get 1 free plus a free zoya remover and $5 Shipping!


POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini and Its a pretty good size too At 4 g!

Color: Fuschia Freesia

25% off the Pop


Dr. Lin Skin care Acne Spot Corrector .5 oz

50% off any purchase


Jesse’s Girls 9 pan Shadow pallet¬†{Full size}.22 oz

Color: Brown Eyed Girl

Retail: $3.99

20% off a purchase

J.Cat Beauty Eyelashes plus Eyelash glue

Retail: $3.99

25% off purchase

Thats already $17 worth of beauty products and that not including the sample size lip gloss, Acne treatment and shipping cost if you were to buy these on there own! Im very Happy with this months bag and I’m really excited to get next months! ‚̧

There were about 15 different products you could have gotten depending on your quiz.

In this months Ipsy Bag I racked up enough points to earn a free beauty Blender & Cleanser!!


If You get 1000 points This month you can get a free Benefit High beam!! $26 value

If your interested in signing up for Ipsy please use my Link below so I can get points!

 Get Ipsy here :

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Must Have Make-up Monday #2

Long Lasting Eyeliner 

Are you looking for the perfect eyeliner? I found a super pigmented liquid liner that goes on perfectly!

What I look for in an Eyeliner…

  • ¬†Ultra pigmented so that I don’t have to go over it multiple times.{Only having to apply it once saves product}
  • ¬†A fine brush because it offers more control and precision{a fine brush allows you to make the perfect cat eye}
  • Smooth consistency that glides on for a flawless application

I don’t really like pen-style eyeliners and gel eyeliner because they dry out too quickly. The Sephora brand is exactly What an eyeliner is supposed to be and it has a great price too.¬†It goes on smooth , has a dramatic matte color, and is long lasting. plus it only costs $12!

Even though I have a lot of practice applying my eyeliner I still make mistakes sometimes. I love that with this eyeliner you can easily correct it with a q-tip and makeup remover.

It lasts me at least¬†2 months probably longer if you don’t apply as much as I do. ūüôā

This is my absolute favorite liquid liner!


This is also available in a waterproof version but I honestly don’t like it at all. Like most waterproof liquid liners it has a sort of shine to it and it stays tacky.

What is your favorite eyeliner? 

Thank You for reading!!


FREE Julep Maven February 14

Julep Maven is a Subscription box service that sends you $40 worth of nail products every month for $19.99. You take a quiz on there site here and they determine what your style is and send you colors accordingly.

I was So excited to try them out {especially since my first box was  FREE}

Use The COUPON code FREEBOX and you can get your first box free as well!!

My Style was Boho Glam!


My Box arrived Really quickly {only took about 3 days} which is a definite plus because I hate waiting for packages. ūüôā


My first box included 2 Nail polished, a nail a cuticle serum, and a cute nail buffer.


The colors I Received were Aisha & Michelle {Burgundy & Navy}

I loved my box but I wish it was a little cheaper. ¬†I don’t think I will Be continuing this subscription {Maybe ill treat myself every so often} I wish I could skip until I wanted a new box but they only allow 2 skips a year.

You could even order this box for valentines day and your sweetie will get a nice surprise next month.

Thank you for reading!!

If you interesting in signing up for Julep just go here.

Don’t forget to use code FREEBOX¬†to get your first box free!


Ill Also be posting my Review for NatureBox soon!

Must Have Make-up Monday #1

Lip Stain

I’m always afraid my Lipstick is going to smear {especially bolder colors} and I also don’t like the feeling of having it on my lips. I can’t be the only one out there. ūüôā So I was forced to look for an alternative.

When I first begin the hunt for a lip stain I went to Sephora and asked what they recommended. They showed me Lorac lip/cheek stain which they don’t sell anymore. It was so horrible because it comes out darker in some areas and darker in your lip creases when you apply it with the roller it comes with. I also tried a lip brush and my finger but the outcome was the same. {You would have to do a lip scrub before to exfoliate all the dead skin because this stuff would make it extremely noticeable.} It was way more trouble than it was worth! It was about $27 and it spilled everywhere because the roller leaks. lol Another Blogger Reviewed The Revlon Just bitten lip stain and it Had the same effect… although the lorac stain was 10X more noticeable. Check out her review here.

I gave up on lip stains and had to deal with lipsticks until I went back for sephora’s holiday sale in December. I tried BITE cashmere lip Cream which then became my favorite. It feels light on your lips and has just a little bit of shine. ¬†I Purchased Rioja and port {one is a bright red and the other is wine} I still love this lip cream but I found Something better Since then. These are kind of expensive at $28 a pop.

On my most recent visit to Sephora I came across the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain and Im very impressed.¬†¬†I went out all day and ate and it still didn’t come off.{I love not having to reapply} You apply it as a cream and it dries perfectly Matte…Ive tried a couple of the other colors {Colors #6 &# 8} But they have a shimmer which I don’t like. Im looking forward to trying #2 & #3 because they are also matte.

Color 01 Always Red

only $13!Stace_FotorThis is the Red color ..  it shows up a little brighter here because of the sun. 

If you’ve tried sephora’s lip creams tell me how it worked out for you in the comments below! Which one was your favorite color?

Thank You for reading!!


Loot Crate ~ January 2014

Loot crate is a monthly subscription box full of epic geek and gamer gear! Each month they hand-pick 6-7 items that include t-shirts, stickers, collectables and they are kept secret until they get delivered.

This subscription only costs $13.37 + $6 for shipping for a total of $19.37 and even cheaper if you order 3 months together.

Every month they send you a Themed box with a value of $30 or more and this months theme is “Launch”. They actually attempted to send a crate into space!

If you want more Info you can visit there site here. You can Save $3.00 on your first order if you enter the code WARRIORS .


Also with your subscription every month you get entered in a contest and the winner get the EPIC MEGA CRATE!

This months mega crate had over a $500 dollar value. The crate had Star trek enterprise cutaway model, lego curiosity rover, legato game capture HD, mine craft wall torch, star wars plush ships, & star trek electronic tribble.


This months Box Included:

Star wars Galactic Phrase book {8.95 at barns & noble}


SUPERMAN pop! vinyl {$10 } There were three different characters you had the chance of getting and I really wanted the superman one but I was send general Zod. They also had a Domo superman pop! vinyl.


Minecraft 2014 Calendar {$7.50 on amazon}¬†Who isn’t addicted to mine craft ! I haven’t had an actual calendar in years… this will be so awesome up on my wall.


NASA “Meatball” Emblem patch {5.25}¬†Its an official NASA patch. Im actually excited about getting this… I’m not sure why but I can’t wait to attach it to something! ūüôā


Star wars pocket model TCG {4.27 on amazon} These are from a trading card game. They are cards that you assemble into 3-D figures. I received  ground assault!


This crate also included two stickers. The first one was a melting rubics cube and the other is a Star Trek communicator badge.


The Reason I posted this crate so late is because my first one never arrived and they had to send me a new one. It was a little frustrating at first but they have great customer service.

This was a pretty good first crate! I can’t wait till February box gets here. February’s theme is WARRIOR!

What Do you think of loot crate? 

Thank you for reading!!