Birchbox Review ~ February 2014

Birchbox is a Subscription service similar to Ipsy. You pay $10 every month and they are supposed to send deluxe samples. You can Click this link if your interested in signing up.

What I didn’t realize is your supposed to fill out your profile on there website. When I signed up it didn’t let me know and I think thats why my box arrived so empty.

birI read a lot of bad reviews on birch box but I still Gave them the benefit of the doubt.

I opened my box and was not Impressed. {I was Actually kind of sad}

I feel like these little samples are not worth $10. I could get these free with an online order from sephora they are so small!

I don’t have a close up picture of the Harvey Prince hello perfume because I’m Allergic to strong fragrances and this one was Horrible. I had to throw it out. 😦

This is a quarter size amount of an Anti aging serum by Skin & co.

They included two tea bags. White Vanilla Grapefruit and classic flavors.bir5
This was probably The best thing in the box and its about the size of my Thumb. In my Ipsy box I received a Full size nail polish so this was extremely disappointing.
bir6This is also something worth trying but it still doesn’t save this box. Its a oil for your hair and it says it protects it from UV rays and heat keeping it healthy and shiny. Its also a quarter size.birchr

I thought this box might be a little disappointing but compared to other boxes it seems like I got the left over crumbs. The only Reason Im Keeping my Subscription is because Im hoping Next Month they will Redeem themselves.

Thank you for reading!

Ill Be Posting my graze review soon!

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