Conscious box Review ~ March 2014

My last conscious box is here! I actually cancelled because I wasn’t happy with last months box and because they gave me horrible customer service. You can see what I was sent last month here.

Conscious box is A subscription service that you received monthly. They send you a handful of healthy sample items for $19.97.co1

Im actually a little happier with what i received this month but I still feel its over prices.

My favorite Item in the box were these egg white ch(ips)! They taste almost exactly like the Cinnamon twists from taco bell. Plus the whole bag is only 130 calories! They are corn and egg white puffs dusted with cinnamon & sugar But these bad boys aren’t¬†fried, there Pressure Puffed. ūüôā

This bag is about the size of the .30 cent bag of cheetos lol thats how I measure.co4

Next deluxe sample is Ready to drink Probiotic. It relieves occasional cramps,bloating and gas. oh my! Lol ¬†This isn’t something I would normally buy for myself but Ill use it especially since It also helps naturally support your immune system! I Really need to start taking better care of myself. This box contains 5 vials worth $15.99.co3


Kramp Krusher Salty lemon chews. Im very interested to see if these work because it would be pretty amazing to eat magic gummys that make my cramps disappear. ūüôāco7

Of course I got a tea. They sent Organic Easy now Tea which I already have and love. Its Helps  ease tension & stress leaving you relaxed and ready for bed.co2

Pangea organics lip Balm in pyrenees Lavender with cardamom.This is a Lipstick tube sized Lip balm and you turn it from the top of the tube to get the product out instead of the bottom. I don’t really like the scent but Once its on you can’t really smell it.


Now for the Foil Packets. Ugh lol These are so annoying.. I can barely get one use out of these. First up is¬†¬†AloeVela Wrinkless cream with winter cherry extract. It says that it gives instant results but I don’t have wrinkles yet so I couldn’t test it out. What I can Say is that it Smells Horrible! It smells like medicated old lady perfume & My packet looks gross & old!! >.<¬†co10

The next two Foil Packets are from the same Company as the Lip Balm, Pangea. I received the Eye Cream And Balancing Oil. I actually want to try the balancing oil.co6

The last item in my box is from Derma and its three foil packets.¬†They included a cleanser, Brightening eye cream, and Dark circle eye cream. Im on the search for a product that could brighten and even out my skin tone so I’m really hoping this works. Although I Probably wouldn’t be able to see any real result with these One time use foil packets. Lol

Update:my cleanser had a small leak in it and spilled all over. I tried the night cream {very pasty} and I woke up small pimples. Now¬†I’m scared to try the eye creme.

Most subscription boxes give you a better value than you pay because why would I pay for free samples. The only three items that Have a value are the lip balm, Chips and the probiotic. I would Barely break even with this box and I would never recommend it!

I’d Rather spend my money On Memebox. Yay!


Loot Crate ~ March 2014

Loot crate is a monthly subscription box full of geek and gamer gear. Each month they hand-pick 6-7 items that include t-shirts, stickers, collectables and they are kept secret until they get delivered.

This subscription costs $13.37 + $6 for shipping for a total of $19.37 and even cheaper if you order 3 months together.

Ive actually had my loot crate box for about a week or so now and haven’t gotten around to making the review because the last two boxes have been kind of eh. They are themed to a particular show or game thats really new or unpopular in my opinion. Usually the boxes have more variety so I like at least one item A lot so it makes the box worth the $19.97 but the last 2 months they are really focusing on one specific company.¬†This is my last loot crate because I canceled and switched over to Nerdblock.¬†

marlmarl1I guess Im a little spoiled because I get a lot of this kind of stuff for free at conventions like the wrist band, fridge magnet and the lanyard especially for new games. Even though its probably a great game I just haven’t gotten around to playing it and I’m sure a lot of people subscribed to loot crate haven’t played it either.

marl2In the picture above is a Premium strategy eGuide & Attack on Titalfall Magnet. 


They also included a TitanFall Shirt. Its cool to get a shirt but I haven’t played the game yet since it was just release this month. For those of you who are fans this is an Exclusive TitanFall t-shirt which is only available to Looters.
marl4Another Big item in the box is this Attack On titan Manga:1 & TitanFall Lanyard. Im glad its the first addition since I’m not familiar with this manga either I can start from the beginning and see how it is. Although I would have preferred something I already Loved.

I guess this is probably the best Box ever for people who love this new game but It just didnt do it for me but I’m really excited about Nerdblock next month!

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Escape monthly ~ March 2014

escapeEscape monthly is a Vacation in a box subscription. The box includes Luxurious Spa & Beauty products plus they include lots of Snacks and a travel guide.

Every one needs to escape once in a while and this box helps you travel the world. 

You also have the chance to actually win a vacation to the destination of the month. ^.^

This months Theme is Ireland leaning more towards St. Patricks day. 

escape1escape7Moon Living abroad in Ireland Guide ~ Value $19.99

escape2O’Neills shamrock shortbread Cookie ~ Value $2.79

I saw these on Emmy Eats Ireland and I was excited to try them myself. Its a box of 4 buttery shortbread cookie shaped like shamrocks. {Perfect for st. Patricks day!}

escape3Human + Kind family Remedy cream ~ Value $31.49

I went to the Human +Kind online store and they have the full size 100ML for $27.52 Which means that this 75ML Product would have a value of $20.64.  It has a Natural herb scent almost medical but I like it especially because its light and not greasy. Its supposed to work on dry, cracked and sensitive skin, minor burns, itching and razor burn, cold and bed sores, athlete’s foot, insect bites & stings, brittle nails and sunburn.

escape4Bewleys Gift of the gab Irish Tea ~ Value $3.89

It comes with 10 tea bags. It doesn’t have any real description but I’m sure this probably has a lot of Caffeine because it says its perfect for perking you up after a late night at the pub.

escape5Butlers Dark Chocolate Mint Truffle ~ Value $3.99

It Says on my box guide that I was supposed to receive a milk chocolate truffle but Im so glad i didn’t! If You read my Graze review you know that I don’t really like chocolate so I was hesitant to try this. I tried it Anyway and I’m glad I did because it is delicious. This golden brick has a hard Dark chocolate exterior with a wee bit of mint and a smooth, creamy center.

escape6Hogans brown irish Soda Bread ~ Value $8.99

This seems really easy to make you just add water and Bam fresh bread. I can’t wait to try this!

escape9Bewley’s irish creme Coffee ~ Value $2.99

escape8Auld  Sod Shamrock Seeds ~ Value $3.95

This was my bonus! I can’t wait to plant these .. maybe Ill get lucky and grow a four leaf clover . lol

Total Value of My Ireland Escape was $67.23! I only Payed $24.99 because I had a Groupon but the actual price of this box is $49.97. you can use coupon code  YOURESCAPE and You get $10 off every month for Life!

I think this box is a great Value and the only thing that could make this box better would have been to get a celtic style bracelet.

If your Interested in signing up next months Destination Is Mexico.¬†I can’t wait till they do Japan!!

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Graze ~ March 2014 pt2

graze1Graze is a snack subscription box that only costs $6 including shipping!  You get to choose what you like or love from there huge selection of snacks or you can trash the ones you never want sent to you.

If you post your friend code on the graze Facebook a good amount of people will use it and you get $1 off your box. Plus each box comes with tickets that have your friend code printed on them so you can hand them out to friends.

If you Use my Friend code you get your first and fifth box FREE.

FriendCode: 5R5Z4RZ3P

graze2Top Left is Natures Immunity nuts

Brazil, cashews and pistachios keep your immune system in check with selenium & copper. This is a great mix of plain nuts!

On the top right is my personal favorite from all my boxes so far Apple Crumble! 

This mixture is a delicious combination of spongey apple pieces, raisins and¬†scrumptious¬†cinnamon honey almonds. Best almonds I’ve ever had and you already know I’m a big fan of there sweet apples. I Really wish I could order a whole bag of these. They should make a deal with Naturebox so I could get some of these snacks in deluxe sizes.

Bottom left is Seedsational

Roasted pumpkin & peeled sunflower seeds with soy sauce. The sunflower seeds are high in Vitamin E and the crunchy pumpkin seeds are bursting with magnesium & copper. They smell like soy sauce but they flavor is very subtle.

Last snack on the bottom right is Cookies & cream

Mini cookies, white chocolate disks, hazelnut, and sunflower seeds. Im not a big fan of chocolate so I didnt really like this mix but I shared these with a friend and he loved the white chocolate disks & the hazelnuts.

You can Choose How often they send them to you and you can also choose a box with only low calorie portions.

You Can also order vegan, gluten free and non dairy boxes!

They send you your snacks in Sealed snack packs perfect for lunch and the box + Booklet is 100% recyclable.

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BirchBox ~ March 2014

Today I received my birch box in the mail and It was much better than last months.  BirchBox is a subscription service thats sends you 4-5 sample products for $10 plus tax. If your interested in signing up you can use my referral link here.

I also heard that if you sign up now and use the code BB100 you get 100 points which is equivalent to $10 in there store.

Don’t forget to fill out your profile as soon as you sign up so you don’t get the crappy box.


Stila Lip Glaze in Pink Dragon fruit

This deluxe sample is only slightly smaller than the full size. They sell this size at ulta beauty for $8.

Size: 0.05fl oz vs. full size 0.08fl ozmarch6

Jergens BB body perfecting skin cream

It claims to perfect your skin in 5 days. Hydrates, Illuminates , evens skin, firms and corrects. Sounds too good to be true especially at only $12 for the full size. It also smells very sweet and has a bit of a floral scent as well. About a $2 value for the sample size.

size:1fl oz march4

Previse HydroMilk

Its funny because when I first previewed my box online I thought I was getting a bigger sample because of the Image but when I saw this little tiny packet I was a little disappointed. Its a body lotion and compared to the huge sample of body butter I received in this months Ipsy this is a total let down.

Air Repair Rescue Balm All-Purpose Skin Salve and Lip Balm

The Same Thing with this product I thought I would at least get a good sample of this since its just a salve but There is barely enough in this sample for 2 lip applications. The tube is about the size of my pinky and Its has less than a dime sized amount. Its smells like Lemon Grass and feels like Vaseline.march5

Keims Cleanshine Energizing Shampoo

This was actually a really good sample size at 50ml! Its probably enough to try for a week. I tried it today and it doesn’t lather… Its also very runny and leaks from the tube if you don’t close it properly. ¬†Value $1.90.march2

This box was much better than last months box and I was much happier with the sizes of these samples. Total box value was about $11.90 not including the two teeny tiny samples. This barely breaks even with the cost of the box But I think Its because they have such a good points program. You get 10 point for each review you do on samples you receive. When you reach 100 points you get $10 for the shop to buy full size products! With just two boxes I already have enough points for $10 off. Yay!march1

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Coming Soon ~ Memebox

Just a quick update

I just order 3 memeboxes. Yay!

So if your curious then don’t forget to Follow to get blog updates.

Memebox is an AMAZING Box Service that sends out 4-8 Full sized {Thats right I said FULL sized} and deluxe samples of Korean beauty products. Most have a total value of over $100.

They email you each time a new box is released and you could add it to your cart of skip it {its not recurring like most subscriptions}

Its usually $23 per box plus $6.99 in shipping.

I can’t wait for my first box to arrive!


Ill also be received the last 3 boxes for march which are my escape monthly box , loot crate and the last conscious box since I canceled.

Ipsy Review ~ March 2014


Ipsy is a Subscription company that sends you about 4-5 Sample items and a makeup bag every month for just 10$ +tax.

what I love about this particular company is that you take a detailed quiz so they can customize your bag! Everyone gets something different and Its a Surprise until you receive your Glam bag.

They just announced that they are going to have a new artist series of bags every month and showcase new artists. This months featured artist is Klari Reis.

I just Love everything in my March Ipsy bag!

As an Ipsy subscriber you get a discount on all the products they send out that month . Ill be Including the discount they offer in the description of each item.

First item in my bag is a sample of Bareminerals Marvalous moxie lipstick in the color get ready. You either received the moxie lipstick or the moxie lip gloss.

Discount: Free lash Domination mascara sample & free shipping on there website


Nicole By OPI Full size nail polish! 0.5 fl oz and this is a textured nail polish with a matte finish. Value $7!


No Discount


Be A bombshell cosmetics eyeshadow quad These are Bold colors but I actually like them. They are really smooth and pigmented Unlike Last months Jesse’s Girl eyeshdow palette which is not pigmented at all. This is a full size with a retail Value of $16! That covers the whole value of the bag.

Color:Bora Bora¬†‚Äď Starlet, Bora Bora, Risky Business, Rock Bottom

Discount: 40% off a purchase and a free fuchsia lip crayon on


Pacifica Body Butter! This is a full size mini at 2.5 fl oz! 100% vegan and cruelty free. This has a retail value of $7!

Scent: Indian coconut nectar

Discount: 20% off a purchase from there website


I LOVE this months Ipsy bag!!

I received almost all full size products and It has a $30 value not including the sample lipstick! Im so excited to see whats going to be in my April Bag.

If your interested in signing up its only $10 plus tax and I think its totally worth it!

Don’t Forget to use my referral link:¬†

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Graze box ~ March 2014

gray1Graze is a snack subscription box that only costs $6 including shipping!  You get to choose what you like or love from there huge selection of snacks or you can trash the ones you never want sent to you.

If you post your friend code on the graze Facebook a good amount of people will use it and you get $1 off your box. Plus each box comes with tickets that have your friend code printed on them so you can hand them out to friends.

If you Use my Friend code you get your first and fifth box FREE.

FriendCode: 5R5Z4RZ3P gray

The Snack on the Top Left is Yaki Soba.

Its a mixture of Soba Peanuts, edamame beans, noodles, and chili broad beans. It Taste good like chili lemon nuts but they aren’t spicy at all. They taste very similar to my spicy Ramen chips from my Japanese snack attack #4 post.

On the top Right are the Toffee Apples.

These are my absolute favorite. The only downside is that they only give you about 10 little apples and I want more. ūüôā The apple are dehydrated but still soft and the toffee is so delicious!

Bottom Left is Key lime Pie.

This one is weirdly amazing! Its a mixture of Lime Infused Raisins, mini meringues, sponge pieces, and green raisins. Surprisingly it tastes like key lime pie! If you like key lime pie and you wish you could snack on it all day long then you should order this one.

Last one on the bottom Right is Triple berry smoothie.

Its a dehydrated fruit mixture with mini strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, and banana. The fruit isn’t completely dehydrates so its almost like a gummy bear which I love! This one would be so good but I hate the bananas they don’t taste like banana at all. Also The banana isn’t gummy like the other fruit but it tastes more like cardboard or Styrofoam. bleh

You can Choose How often they send them to you and you can also choose a box with only low calorie portions.

You Can also order vegan, gluten free and non dairy boxes!

They send you your snacks in Sealed snack packs perfect for lunch and the box + Booklet is 100% recyclable.

Thank you for reading!!!

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Naturebox review ~ March 2014

marNature box is a subscription service that sends you healthy snacks every month. You can either choose the snacks from there very large menu or you can be surprised. I think this is a very good deal compared to whole foods prices!

There are 3 Boxes to choose from.

  • Nature box deluxe¬†~ $19.95 Comes with 5 full snack bags {you choose from the dozens of different snacks they have}
  • Happy Snacker¬†~ $29.95 Comes with 10 Full sized snack bags{5 different snacks/ 2 of each snack=10 snacks total}¬†This is the one I ordered.
  • Smart Snacker¬†~ $49.95 Comes with 20 Full sized Snack bags {5 different snacks/4 packages of each snack =20 snacks}mar1

Whole wheat Apple Fig bars

This month I chose all my snacks but at the last minute they sold out of Taj mahal so they sent me a random snack. They sent me Whole wheat Apple Fig bars which I hate so I’m a little disappointed this month.

These taste like your typical fig bar nothing special. If you don’t know what a fig bar tastes like its a light/soft whole wheat cookie-ish outside with a apple fig jelly inside. They come individually wrapped perfect for lunch and on the go snacking. These are ¬†good but I wouldn’t order them again for the fact that I’m paying $6 for plain old fig bars.

Serving size: 1 bar Calories:130


Sriracha roasted Cashews

Next are these Sriracha roasted Cashews and as you know from my other Sriracha review I’m a big fan. These are really delicious cashews and they are obviously spicy. When you first try them they just taste like salted, slightly sriracha flavored cashews and the heat is more of an after taste. I would reorder these!

Serving size:1/4 cup Calories:150

Honey Crunch Crisps

I expected these Honey Crunch Crisps to be sweet because they are honey but they don’t taste very sweet at all. They are very similar to the everything bagel stix from my last Naturebox review but plain with the slightest honey flavor. They taste very similar to Fritos chips but without all the unhealthiness and Just like the Bagel stix these are also very filling.

Serving size:1/4 cup Calories:160

Pistachio power clusters

I had to try the Pistachio power clusters ¬†because I love Pistachios! These taste Almost exactly like the Cashew power clusters From my last box…they just taste like a handful of nuts. ūüôā

Also compared to my other snacks this bag was a lot smaller.

Serving size:1/4 cup Calories: 150


Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas

The Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas are very interesting. I was expecting a spicy lemon flavor but these taste like lightly salted chickpeas and they taste Exactly like Chipotle Chili Sauce! If your a fan of Chipotle sauce then you will Love these.

Serving Size:1/3 cup Calories:130


This months Naturebox was a bit Dissapointing because I didn’t get Taj mahal Snack mix. They should have emailed me so I could have chosen a new item.

Update: Naturebox actually took the time to read my review! They offered to give me a new snack or credit for new snack. I don’t think any store or subscription service has ever done anything like this to make sure there customers are happy! Thank you Naturebox!

I Still love this box though and I think this is especially good if you are starting a diet. I love to eat while watching tv or when I’m bored and for some reason when I eat these snacks they make me feel so full I don’t even want to reach for anything else!

If you want to sign up you can use this link and get 50% off your first box so you can get all the snacks I got for $15 or you can get 5 snacks for $10.

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Conscious Box Review ~ February 2014

Conscious box is 19.97 a month.

Its Yet another Subscription box service But this one is for every day Healthy Items. They Send About 7 or more Samples of Different Healthy Products. con

This Is what Was is my First Conscious box!

The First Item which is Hemp Hearts are Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds and its a .5 oz packet. I  tried a little and it tastes like raw peanuts.

Below That in the Picture are Chocolate Sleep squares and I wouldn’t know if they work or not because they were so Disgusting! I could just buy Melatonin Pills instead of having to chew this for a minute.

They also includes Cough and throat relief in apple spice flavor. I think I might just drink this even though I don’t have a cough. ^.^

con3_Fotor_CollageBelow are 4 tea packets they sent me. Im a little curious about the quit tea, maybe Ill give it to a smoker friend and see if it works.

Another tea Packet but this one is savory… I’ve never tried a tomato tea but it doesn’t sound that bad.

Baby wipes were also included in this months box and I just threw these in my purse.

The Cram Capsules are also kind of weird But I can’t wait to try them. Ill take It before work tomorrow and see if it helps me focus more. lol

The last item in the bottom corner below is a vitamin D gummy and it was so yummy. I’m even considering buying them!
con2_Fotor_CollageChocolate Banana Health bar. I don’t like chocolate so The only good thing in the box I couldn’t eat.
con4This Last Item is also a tea but its in liquid form and you just pour a little into some water. Its supposed to detox your body from all the surrounding toxins. con10

Half of this box was tea. I guess tea is the key to good health!

Im not sure If I’m willing to spend $20 for tea so I cancelled my subscription.

Your first box is supposed to be free with a code and you just pay shipping. Since I subscribed On the 26 of February  they send me February and march box this month and charged me 19.97 . When I contacted customer service they said you should subscribe for the free one and then go to your profile immediately after and cancel! I actually wanted to give them a chance but this box was the worst and there customer service is horrible as well.

You should take advantage of there free box. The code is “ONEFREE” ¬†but remember to go to your profile immediately after subscribing and cancel. I mean thats what customer service told me to do!

Thank you for reading!!

Next up is March Ipsy bag!