Conscious Box Review ~ February 2014

Conscious box is 19.97 a month.

Its Yet another Subscription box service But this one is for every day Healthy Items. They Send About 7 or more Samples of Different Healthy Products. con

This Is what Was is my First Conscious box!

The First Item which is Hemp Hearts are Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds and its a .5 oz packet. I  tried a little and it tastes like raw peanuts.

Below That in the Picture are Chocolate Sleep squares and I wouldn’t know if they work or not because they were so Disgusting! I could just buy Melatonin Pills instead of having to chew this for a minute.

They also includes Cough and throat relief in apple spice flavor. I think I might just drink this even though I don’t have a cough. ^.^

con3_Fotor_CollageBelow are 4 tea packets they sent me. Im a little curious about the quit tea, maybe Ill give it to a smoker friend and see if it works.

Another tea Packet but this one is savory… I’ve never tried a tomato tea but it doesn’t sound that bad.

Baby wipes were also included in this months box and I just threw these in my purse.

The Cram Capsules are also kind of weird But I can’t wait to try them. Ill take It before work tomorrow and see if it helps me focus more. lol

The last item in the bottom corner below is a vitamin D gummy and it was so yummy. I’m even considering buying them!
con2_Fotor_CollageChocolate Banana Health bar. I don’t like chocolate so The only good thing in the box I couldn’t eat.
con4This Last Item is also a tea but its in liquid form and you just pour a little into some water. Its supposed to detox your body from all the surrounding toxins. con10

Half of this box was tea. I guess tea is the key to good health!

Im not sure If I’m willing to spend $20 for tea so I cancelled my subscription.

Your first box is supposed to be free with a code and you just pay shipping. Since I subscribed On the 26 of February  they send me February and march box this month and charged me 19.97 . When I contacted customer service they said you should subscribe for the free one and then go to your profile immediately after and cancel! I actually wanted to give them a chance but this box was the worst and there customer service is horrible as well.

You should take advantage of there free box. The code is “ONEFREE”  but remember to go to your profile immediately after subscribing and cancel. I mean thats what customer service told me to do!

Thank you for reading!!

Next up is March Ipsy bag!

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