Graze ~ March 2014 pt2

graze1Graze is a snack subscription box that only costs $6 including shipping!  You get to choose what you like or love from there huge selection of snacks or you can trash the ones you never want sent to you.

If you post your friend code on the graze Facebook a good amount of people will use it and you get $1 off your box. Plus each box comes with tickets that have your friend code printed on them so you can hand them out to friends.

If you Use my Friend code you get your first and fifth box FREE.

FriendCode: 5R5Z4RZ3P

graze2Top Left is Natures Immunity nuts

Brazil, cashews and pistachios keep your immune system in check with selenium & copper. This is a great mix of plain nuts!

On the top right is my personal favorite from all my boxes so far Apple Crumble! 

This mixture is a delicious combination of spongey apple pieces, raisins and scrumptious cinnamon honey almonds. Best almonds I’ve ever had and you already know I’m a big fan of there sweet apples. I Really wish I could order a whole bag of these. They should make a deal with Naturebox so I could get some of these snacks in deluxe sizes.

Bottom left is Seedsational

Roasted pumpkin & peeled sunflower seeds with soy sauce. The sunflower seeds are high in Vitamin E and the crunchy pumpkin seeds are bursting with magnesium & copper. They smell like soy sauce but they flavor is very subtle.

Last snack on the bottom right is Cookies & cream

Mini cookies, white chocolate disks, hazelnut, and sunflower seeds. Im not a big fan of chocolate so I didnt really like this mix but I shared these with a friend and he loved the white chocolate disks & the hazelnuts.

You can Choose How often they send them to you and you can also choose a box with only low calorie portions.

You Can also order vegan, gluten free and non dairy boxes!

They send you your snacks in Sealed snack packs perfect for lunch and the box + Booklet is 100% recyclable.

Thank you for reading!!!

Dont Forget to Subscribe!

Comments or questions here! :)

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