Loot Crate ~ March 2014

Loot crate is a monthly subscription box full of geek and gamer gear. Each month they hand-pick 6-7 items that include t-shirts, stickers, collectables and they are kept secret until they get delivered.

This subscription costs $13.37 + $6 for shipping for a total of $19.37 and even cheaper if you order 3 months together.

Ive actually had my loot crate box for about a week or so now and haven’t gotten around to making the review because the last two boxes have been kind of eh. They are themed to a particular show or game thats really new or unpopular in my opinion. Usually the boxes have more variety so I like at least one item A lot so it makes the box worth the $19.97 but the last 2 months they are really focusing on one specific company. This is my last loot crate because I canceled and switched over to Nerdblock. 

marlmarl1I guess Im a little spoiled because I get a lot of this kind of stuff for free at conventions like the wrist band, fridge magnet and the lanyard especially for new games. Even though its probably a great game I just haven’t gotten around to playing it and I’m sure a lot of people subscribed to loot crate haven’t played it either.

marl2In the picture above is a Premium strategy eGuide & Attack on Titalfall Magnet. 


They also included a TitanFall Shirt. Its cool to get a shirt but I haven’t played the game yet since it was just release this month. For those of you who are fans this is an Exclusive TitanFall t-shirt which is only available to Looters.
marl4Another Big item in the box is this Attack On titan Manga:1 & TitanFall Lanyard. Im glad its the first addition since I’m not familiar with this manga either I can start from the beginning and see how it is. Although I would have preferred something I already Loved.

I guess this is probably the best Box ever for people who love this new game but It just didnt do it for me but I’m really excited about Nerdblock next month!

Thank you for Reading!


Comments or questions here! :)

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