Conscious box Review ~ March 2014

My last conscious box is here! I actually cancelled because I wasn’t happy with last months box and because they gave me horrible customer service. You can see what I was sent last month here.

Conscious box is A subscription service that you received monthly. They send you a handful of healthy sample items for $19.97.co1

Im actually a little happier with what i received this month but I still feel its over prices.

My favorite Item in the box were these egg white ch(ips)! They taste almost exactly like the Cinnamon twists from taco bell. Plus the whole bag is only 130 calories! They are corn and egg white puffs dusted with cinnamon & sugar But these bad boys aren’t fried, there Pressure Puffed. 🙂

This bag is about the size of the .30 cent bag of cheetos lol thats how I measure.co4

Next deluxe sample is Ready to drink Probiotic. It relieves occasional cramps,bloating and gas. oh my! Lol  This isn’t something I would normally buy for myself but Ill use it especially since It also helps naturally support your immune system! I Really need to start taking better care of myself. This box contains 5 vials worth $15.99.co3


Kramp Krusher Salty lemon chews. Im very interested to see if these work because it would be pretty amazing to eat magic gummys that make my cramps disappear. 🙂co7

Of course I got a tea. They sent Organic Easy now Tea which I already have and love. Its Helps  ease tension & stress leaving you relaxed and ready for bed.co2

Pangea organics lip Balm in pyrenees Lavender with cardamom.This is a Lipstick tube sized Lip balm and you turn it from the top of the tube to get the product out instead of the bottom. I don’t really like the scent but Once its on you can’t really smell it.


Now for the Foil Packets. Ugh lol These are so annoying.. I can barely get one use out of these. First up is  AloeVela Wrinkless cream with winter cherry extract. It says that it gives instant results but I don’t have wrinkles yet so I couldn’t test it out. What I can Say is that it Smells Horrible! It smells like medicated old lady perfume & My packet looks gross & old!! >.< co10

The next two Foil Packets are from the same Company as the Lip Balm, Pangea. I received the Eye Cream And Balancing Oil. I actually want to try the balancing oil.co6

The last item in my box is from Derma and its three foil packets. They included a cleanser, Brightening eye cream, and Dark circle eye cream. Im on the search for a product that could brighten and even out my skin tone so I’m really hoping this works. Although I Probably wouldn’t be able to see any real result with these One time use foil packets. Lol

Update:my cleanser had a small leak in it and spilled all over. I tried the night cream {very pasty} and I woke up small pimples. Now I’m scared to try the eye creme.

Most subscription boxes give you a better value than you pay because why would I pay for free samples. The only three items that Have a value are the lip balm, Chips and the probiotic. I would Barely break even with this box and I would never recommend it!

I’d Rather spend my money On Memebox. Yay!


Comments or questions here! :)

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