NatureBox ~ April 2014



Nature box is a subscription service that sends you healthy snacks every month. You can either choose the snacks from there very large menu or you can be surprised.

There are 3 Boxes to choose from.

Nature box deluxe ~ $19.95 Comes with 5 full snack bags {you choose from the dozens of different snacks they have}
Happy Snacker ~ $29.95 Comes with 10 Full sized snack bags{5 different snacks/ 2 of each snack=10 snacks total} This is the one I ordered.
Smart Snacker ~ $49.95 Comes with 20 Full sized Snack bags {5 different snacks/4 packages of each snack =20 snacks}naturebox1


naturebox4naturebox2I Loved the dehydrated Apples so much that I order them again { 1st Granny smith Apple Review here}  This Time I also Decided to Order the Fuji Apples because I wanted to know which one was better tasting. It was very close but After tasting both of them I think Granny Smith is still a bit better. If you like sweet go with the Fuji apples but if you like tart then go with Granny smith apple.

Fuji Apples : 9/10

Granny Smith Apples: 9/10

Cal:100 Serving Size:10 rings



I expected the south pacific plantains to taste exactly like all there other fruit snacks which is like real fruit. They taste more like original Lays potato chips which I don’t like very much to begin with. They are thinly sliced plantains, very lightly salted and they don’t taste at all like plantains. The Bag suggests you eat these with dip so maybe that would help the bland flavor. Maybe I’m just used to eating freshly fried plantains with sugar spinkled on top. YUM!

South Pacific Plantains: 5/10

Cal: 150 Serving Size: 25 chips

naturebox3Until My last Graze Review I’d never tried dehydrated pineapple. Im so glad I added these on to my box this month because they are unbelievable! They are perfectly sweet and not completely dehydrated so they are almost gummy. Im definitely going to order these again next month! I Only wish they would fill the bag more.

Big island Pineapple:10/10

Cal: 120 Serving Size:4.5 ringsnaturebox5

This is an almond cashew salsa flavored mix and Its seasoned with garlic,cilantro, lime juice, and paprika. This is the most flavorful nut mix that I’ve tried so far.  You can really taste the garlic and feel the heat of the paprika.

Salsa spiced nut mix:6/10

Cal:160 Serving Size:1/4 cupnaturebox9

 I actually ordered Tuscan Summer mix but they were sold out of it at the last minute and sent me this random snack instead. Its a BBQ mix of flavored almonds , cashews, peanuts, flax & chai seeds. I Honestly can’t taste any BBQ flavor what so ever but at least they sent me nut mix this time. I hope this doesn’t happen again next month because I was really excited to try the the herby Italian flavored summer mix.

Lone Star Snack Mix:3/10

Cal: 160 Serving Size: 1 oznaturebox6

 I really liked this PB&J Granola! Its a mixture of soft oat  peanut butter granola with strawberries and raisins mixed in. Its perfect when your on the go and craving a PB&J.

PB&J Granola: 7/10

Cal: 240 Serving Size:1/2 cupnaturebox10

The Santa fe corn stix have a way better salsa flavor than the salsa spiced snack mix. They taste a lot like Fritos because they are corn based and there really bursting with flavor! I love this snack and will probably order them again. These are a great chip alternative with Half the calories. This is one of four snacks I added onto my box this month. They charge an extra $3 per add-on.

Santa Fe Corn Stix:8/10

Cal:140 Serving Size:1/3 cup


I Finally got my Taj Mahal snack mix! I absolutely love curry and I was so excited to try this mix. It was exactly what I expected, delicious sweet curry flavored Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Raisins, flax seeds, sesame seeds & bits of mango. 

Taj Mahal Snack Mix:9/10

Cal:160 Serving Size:1/4 cup

Im Really happy with all my snacks this month except the Lone star mix.

I’m really excited to order all my favorite snacks next month.They also just added a new snack called Carrot & Strawberry chews which I’m curious about. What did you think of this months box?

Thank you for Reading!

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