Graze Review ~ April 2014

gmSecond Box for April and this one was FREE!

Graze is a snack subscription box that only costs $6 including shipping! You get to choose what you “like” or “love” from there huge selection of snacks or you can “trash” the ones you never want sent to you.

If you post your friend code on the graze Facebook a good amount of people will use it and you get $1 off your box. Plus each box comes with tickets that have your friend code printed on them so you can hand them out to friends.

If you Use a Friend code you get your first and fifth box FREE.

gbLittle Figgy went to the market is a blend of Soft apples, cranberries and diced figs. Any Combo with those delicious apple pieces is a hit for me but I also love the seeds in the sweet diced figs.


Garden of England is a Strawberry, apple, black currant mix I received in my first box and I was very happy to see it again because the only flavor I love more than the graze box apples are the strawberries. They are perfectly sweet and taste like natural fruit Leather or a gummy candy. This mix also includes black currants which offer a tart flavor to contrast all the sweet. This is my all time favorite!


Peach Cobbler is a mixture of peach strings , honey almond slivers, yogurt covered seeds, and amaretti drops{almond flavored mini cookies}. This is a way better flavor than the Key lime pie version I received in my March Box. The yogurt seeds feel like they melt in your mouth while the Amaretti drops add a little bit of crunch. The Peach strings are my favorite because they taste exactly like peach rings and I’m a sucker for peach rings!


When I Opened my box The first snack I tried were the Bonnie wee Oatbakes and I absolutely hated them.  Maybe the onion marmalade was just a little too shocking in a snack but I went back today to give it another shot. The oatcakes are cheese and chive flavor which go well with The caramelized onion marmalade. A little goes a long way with the marmalade because it has a strong onion flavor but its a bit too sweet for me.



Three hits and only one miss this month!  Of course I love fruit snacks so I personalized my profile towards more fruit but they have dozens of chips, chocolate, cookies, popcorn and nut snacks to choose from. Thats the Great feature of there website, you just “Trash” the snacks you know you won’t like and they will never send them to you.


Hope you liked this Graze box review and I would love for you to follow. To follow just scroll to the bottom of this page! Thank You for reading. Tomorrow I will Be posting my Ipsy Review.

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