New Cream Stew Cheetos!

I made another trip to Marukai Market today and to my surprise found these bad boys. lol

Why would they make cream stew flavored chips? I don’t know.

This Reminds me of Willy Wonka’s 3-course dinner gum. Its a Dinner Chip! but I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised considering the weird chip flavors they have. {Like the Chicken and Waffles From Lays}

All in all these were pretty tasty! They taste like a sweet cream corn stew and if you close your eyes you can even taste the broccoli and carrots Mmmm

They don’t compare to Hot Cheetos which are my favorite chip flavor but they deserve a try.


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Japanese Snack Attack!!! #5

This is a All Japanese drink review! I bought a bunch of drinks at marukai today and tried them all… lol


Ramune never lets me down! This time I purchased the coconut flavor and it was the best! I wish I could buy a 2 liter..haha I really don’t know why there isn’t a coconut fanta it would make so much money. It tastes exactly like what it is … coconut…soda … 🙂


Calpico brand in Lychee flavor… It tasted really artificial. I could drink it but the flavor was so perfumey that it kind of gave me a headache. (I don’t know if thats happened to other people lol)

orangeNext is Mandarin orange drink and it  was only 79 cents so I thought I would try it. I’ve been obsessed with tangerines since I went to pink berry and tried there amazing tangerine flavor! Anyway this drink is really natural tasting which i liked but it had a lot of pulp. It tastes almost like a grapefruit orange.. not very sweet… really tangy.


I bought this one because of the delicious looking mango on the front! I think this tastes pretty good for having bell peppers, pumpkin,onion,asparagus,radish, and kale in it.( I can’t believe it) Taste like a fruity v8 lol

I don’t have a picture for this yet but i also tried cherry plum soda, it has this really cute bottle with cherry blossoms on it. It tastes like carbonated water and cherry flavor but its pretty good.

Bonus I bought a Horned melon which looks super exotic lol

you have to cut it in half , get a bowl and squeeze out the insides like an orange! It really doesn’t taste like much and you have to drink it. Its gone so fast you don’t really have a chance to taste much.


I think this may be the last time I do a review on japanese drinks… Some of these are really awful and expensive lol

Ill just stick to Ramune!

If You know any Delicious japanese drinks i should try leave it in the comments below!

Japanese Snack Attack!! #4

I tried a few different snacks and drinks today! I even made a video Ill attach at the bottom!

Dorayaki baked red bean cake was the first treat I tried and it was a dense pancake type bread and it was filled with red bean paste. It was sweet  but a little too dry. I mean what do i expect for .98 cents. It also is a little weird that it comes with desiccant packs(kinda like the pack that comes in shoes) inside the package. lol I probably won’t be buying these again but they were def fun to try!

Red bean cake :4/10



Ramune strawberry soda was next on my list! I was so excited because it has a really unique bottle shape and marble cork. It tastes exactly like strawberry soda should taste but fresher somehow. when I go back to marukai ill pick up a new flavor. maybe squid ink? >.<

Strawberry soda Ramune: 9/10

Must try



Next is King green peas… there not  that special or weird but I wanted to try them anyway and they were pretty good.. I think I’m going to re-buy them. They taste like corn nuts but lighter and I’m always looking for snacks to eat during movies because I hate when popcorn get stuck in my teeth.. Eww lol

green peas : 7/10

A bit over meh


nom nom

Last item of the day is the Ramen chips!I  almost opened them last night but i ate the mochi instead lol. These were really crunchy and super yummy.  They tasted Just like the top ramen seasoning and the chip is almost a cracker but more like a chip lol if that makes any sense. ill explain more in the video. ^.^

9/10 for Ramen chips!



Any Japanese snacks or drinks you want me to try??

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Japanese Snack Attack!!! #3

I couldn’t help myself and I had to eat my Mochi ice cream [ gummy rice outside … sweet ice cream inside] I have to admit that Mochi isn’t a new treat for me and I’ve been crazy about these for years now. I’m actually surprised that they haven’t become more popular! I make it a habit to buy at least one box every time I go to Marukai because there cheaper here and so far this is the only store they sell the vanilla flavor(my fav). I can seriously inhale a whole box is less than 10 min and I’m not ashamed to say so. If you haven’t tried these then head to your nearest japanese market and buy a box (or two) ^.^

These are my favorite snack of all time! They are little bites of heaven ❤ 

I purchased the maeda-en brand but mikawaya brand is almost the same. They come in Green Tea, Red Bean, Mango, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Black Sesame. They are little bite sized bon-bons about the size of a ping pong ball.

Mochi :10/10

Price : 2.98

Must try!


In Love with Mochi!

Japanese Snack Attack!!! #2

I went to see what I could find at Marukai today and I noticed that next door they had a Daiso japan store. Ive never been in one but it was really great because almost everything in the store is 1.50$. I bought some ramen chips, sriracha peas, mochi ice cream and Ramune soda along with a bunch of other cute things I didn’t need. lol . I’ve only opened the sriracha peas so far and they were actually pretty tasty if you don’t mind having extreme garlic breath for a while. It seems like I can’t get enough Sriracha now that they closed the california factory down I feel  like they might raise the prices or something. They don’t even sell the chili at my local ralphs anymore!

Anyway … this time it seems that my food experiment went well. I’m glad it didn’t turn out like the coconut water. I hope the ramen chips I try tomorrow will be this delicious. I can hardly control myself from eating all the other snacks I bought but I have to wait till tomorrow.

Sriracha peas : 3/10

price : 1.50$



Spicy sriracha peas!

Thank you for reading!!

Japanese Snack Attack!!! #1

Today  I it was time for me to sign up for a Marukai membership (Marukai is an asian market in california) Everytime I visit Marukai I want to try everything!…Especially because I can’t read what anything Says. (It makes it mysteriously delicious) Today when I bought my membership I also purchased a bunch of food and drinks I was curious about. The first item I tried today was coconut water green tea. I don’t know but the thought of  coconut and tea sounded like it would be refreshing!  maybe its because I’m used to the artificial coconut flavor but when i tried this it was the absolute worst drink I’ve ever had. I couldn’t even bear to drink any more and all I could think was how they could let a company make something so disgusting. lol It tasted like plastic and maybe a hint of rubbing alcohol(I could taste the coconut water but the other tastes were overpowering it). I can’t really describe it but maybe coconut water and green tea shouldn’t be mixed. :

I give this drink a 0/10

price : 1.50$

Don’t bother!