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Memebox was kind enough to send me a $3 off coupon code just for my readers!!

Code: SVWAI0

If you are new to memebox you also get 2 points for signing up which is equivalent to $2.

If you don’t already know Memebox is a Korean beauty box that sends a random assortment of products with a value that is usually triple what you payed. It gives you a chance to try different types of products targeting specific beauty needs. They have a Hair/body,honey, pore, green tea, from nature, night care and many more include a fermented cosmetic box. Lots of new fun skincare and makeup!

Most of there regular Memeboxes cost $23 but there super boxes vary from $29-$39. I think its totally worth it and I’ve purchased more than a few myself. If you want to try it first, you can get the $5 discount and purchase there Mini Box # 3 which is smaller but it only costs $15 with free shipping!

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Click on the banner if you want to see there full collection of boxes! They post new boxes at least once a week. ❤


Graze box ~ March 2014

gray1Graze is a snack subscription box that only costs $6 including shipping!  You get to choose what you like or love from there huge selection of snacks or you can trash the ones you never want sent to you.

If you post your friend code on the graze Facebook a good amount of people will use it and you get $1 off your box. Plus each box comes with tickets that have your friend code printed on them so you can hand them out to friends.

If you Use my Friend code you get your first and fifth box FREE.

FriendCode: 5R5Z4RZ3P gray

The Snack on the Top Left is Yaki Soba.

Its a mixture of Soba Peanuts, edamame beans, noodles, and chili broad beans. It Taste good like chili lemon nuts but they aren’t spicy at all. They taste very similar to my spicy Ramen chips from my Japanese snack attack #4 post.

On the top Right are the Toffee Apples.

These are my absolute favorite. The only downside is that they only give you about 10 little apples and I want more. 🙂 The apple are dehydrated but still soft and the toffee is so delicious!

Bottom Left is Key lime Pie.

This one is weirdly amazing! Its a mixture of Lime Infused Raisins, mini meringues, sponge pieces, and green raisins. Surprisingly it tastes like key lime pie! If you like key lime pie and you wish you could snack on it all day long then you should order this one.

Last one on the bottom Right is Triple berry smoothie.

Its a dehydrated fruit mixture with mini strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, and banana. The fruit isn’t completely dehydrates so its almost like a gummy bear which I love! This one would be so good but I hate the bananas they don’t taste like banana at all. Also The banana isn’t gummy like the other fruit but it tastes more like cardboard or Styrofoam. bleh

You can Choose How often they send them to you and you can also choose a box with only low calorie portions.

You Can also order vegan, gluten free and non dairy boxes!

They send you your snacks in Sealed snack packs perfect for lunch and the box + Booklet is 100% recyclable.

Thank you for reading!!!

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