Special Memebox Discount!

Memebox was kind enough to send me a $3 off coupon code just for my readers!!

Code: SVWAI0

If you are new to memebox you also get 2 points for signing up which is equivalent to $2.

If you don’t already know Memebox is a Korean beauty box that sends a random assortment of products with a value that is usually triple what you payed. It gives you a chance to try different types of products targeting specific beauty needs. They have a Hair/body,honey, pore, green tea, from nature, night care and many more include a fermented cosmetic box. Lots of new fun skincare and makeup!

Most of there regular Memeboxes cost $23 but there super boxes vary from $29-$39. I think its totally worth it and I’ve purchased more than a few myself. If you want to try it first, you can get the $5 discount and purchase there Mini Box # 3 which is smaller but it only costs $15 with free shipping!

If you want more info check out my past Boxes:

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Mens Box #1 <—– Full Memebox explanation here

Click on the banner if you want to see there full collection of boxes! They post new boxes at least once a week. ❤


MemeBox Luckybox #2

beautyI did a detailed explanation of MEMEBOX in my first box post here.

  • Memebox puts together a random assortment of the best Korean skincare/cosmetic products. Usually about 4-8 items and the Value is usually more than triple the amount you payed.
  • They offer discounts on top of the incredibly cheap price and you can sometimes get boxes for about $5.
  • Memebox is not a subscription company with a recurring charge every month. Instead you get to choose which boxes you would like to buy and which you would like to skip.
  • They release more than 1 box a month and they even sometimes release more than 5 a month but thats what makes it so fun to follow.

This is LuckyBox #2! Lucky Boxes are a compilation of the most popular products from past Memeboxes.

beauty1beauty71. Espoir Lip Gloss 4.4g ~ Value $15

You were randomly sent either the lip gloss or the lipstick in this box. I received the lip gloss in the color pk002 magic hour.  Its like a nude/mauve color and at first I didn’t think I would like it but it looks really nice on. I kinda wish I would have received the lipstick instead but It actually worked out in this case. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable on and they sent a very wearable color so I’m happy.
beauty62.Dr.G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream 20 ml ~ Value $14

I don’t know how this ended up being a popular item because it has so much fragrance. It smells exactly like my Living Proof Perfect Hair day hair styling treatment. I try to stay away from heavy fragrances in my skin care. For this item you were randomly sent either #3 which is for oily skin, #7  for damaged skin, or # 5 for dry skin. Memebox should have a profile to fill out so we can have more customized boxes. I’ll probably give this away since I have dry skin and this is specifically for oily skin.


beauty33. Dr.Jart V7 Eye Serum ~ Value $38

This Eye serum helps treat common darkness and puffiness. It was made of a complex of 7 vitamins, A, B3, B5, C, E, H,and F. Its supposed to brighten the skin and get rid of dark circles. I actually have the worst dark circles and I received two bottles of this {in lucky box #2 & #3} so I’ll be able to really test this out. This has no fragrance and so far I really like it!

beauty54.LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence 20ml ~ Value $12.80

 Product Description

      A lightly-textured tea tree oil formulated with sensitive skin in mind. Made from 90% tea tree extract, LHJ’s Tea tree essence 90 clears, moisturizes and brightens troubled skin, targeting acne and delivering nutrients deeply for a hydrated, vibrant complexion. key ingredients include sea buckthorn and Centella Asiatica, plants known to delay the skin maturation process and speed the healing of damaged tissue.

This may be my favorite item in the entire box! It definitely hydrates  and I’m actually hoping it will brighten my skin. I have a couple of dark patches that I’m hoping to get rid of. This absorbs almost instantly and doesn’t have any greasy residue left over. Everyone knows that tea tree helps treat acne so even if all it does is treat acne and hydrate my skin then its a win. 
beauty45. Nuganic Customized Sunblock Fresh SPF50pa+++ 40ml ~ Value $45

The first thing I noticed is that its only about half full and this is the full sized product. It was sealed but its hard to believe that anyone would pay $45 dollars for half of a tiny bottle of sunscreen. It also smells almost as bad as the Mentor cream. This Sunscreen claims to be a 3-in-1 sun protector with brightening and anti wrinkle properties. Im not going to totally dismiss this item until I try it and I will write an update as soon as I finish it.

beaty86. Miseenscene 2X curl Essence 30ml ~ Value $2

This is a leave in conditioner treatment that is supposed to provide volume and help dry damaged hair. you only need a small amount and you could apply this to damp or dry hair. I don’t see myself going out of my way to try and order this from Korea in the future. It does help tame frizz and hydrate but so does Its a 10 leave in conditioner.
beauty27. Mask Sheets Bio Medi-Curing Mask-Aqua Dressing 20ml ~ Value $3

Product Description

This mask hydrates and moisturizes  your skin to the fullest. It is a 100% coconut jelly mask, which gives your skin a “cool” feeling it also dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Coconut Bio Mask with Tomato 20ml ~ Value $3

Product Description

    This is a 100% coconut jelly mask combines with the super food: Tomato! Similarly, this mask gives your skin a “cool” feeling. It also dramatically reduces the appearance of any wrinkles.

I love face masks and I really can’t wait to try the Bio Medi-curing mask because its supposed to be hydrating and my dry skin needs all the hydration it can get.I also like that these are both made with coconut jelly because they sound like they are going to smell amazing and natural.

After I finish a couple of these products Ill make a detailed post of my thoughts.

They also sent me a cheat sheet with details on all the items they sent this month but while reading it I noticed a couple of misspelled words. It also said that the mentor cream was supposed to be applied to your hair when its clearly for your skin. I wish they would take more time writing these since this is the only way I’ll know the details about each product because most of the packaging is in Korean.

So far I really like Memebox and I think its so fun to try out new products which I usually wouldn’t be able to find on my own. Its also really affordable which is a plus because its hard to try new skincare products when they usually cost $50+. I feel like I may have already found a couple of favorite items in this box so far and I look forward to seeing whats inside my other boxes.


This Box had a total value of $132.80!!

Thank You for Reading!!! Tomorrow I will Be posting LuckyBox #3!


Influenster ~ Viva Vox Box

influInfluenster is a great site that gives you points for doing surveys and reviews on products. Once you collect a certain amount of points they send you Free boxes with products to try. Once you receive your box you will have to share it on social media and review all the products. Its really easy and its one of the few legit sites for free goodies!


This is my first Box from Influenster and its called VivaVoxBox. Everything including shipping was absolutely free.influ1

influ5Pure Ice Nail polish in “Its Complicated” & “Afterhours” {$1.69}

I love both of these colors so much. I just had my nails done so I won’t be posting swatches for another couple of days.

influ2 Cetaphil Gently Cleansing Clothes 25 count Ultra soft {$5.99}

Today was my first time using these and it removed all my make up perfectly without any greasy residue. I can’t tell if it removes waterproof makeup since I don’t use any but it worked well on my regular make-up and my lip stain. Ill continue to use them and update this when I’ve tried them a few more times. Right now I use Neutrogena cleansing wipes in pink grapefruit and I can’t live without them.

Vaseline Spray & go Moisturizer {$7.99}

I love these commercials where the girl sprays the lotion all over and jumps into her clothes. 🙂 I was curious about this product but I never purchased it because I have a million lotions. Im always on the hunt for a lotion that is weightless and non-greasy. I can’t stand being greasy and sticky especially on hot days.

This should be the new way to apply lotion! I Love how fast it is to apply and it really does absorb in seconds. If you apply it just like the girl does in the commercial then you will have the perfect amount to moisturize your body without excess like you would if you were guessing the amount with the tube lotions. It comes in 3 different scents which are cocoa butter, aloe vera & oat. If they came out with a coconut scent I would be in love!

influ6NYC Proof twistable intense lip color {$2.99}

I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews about these Nyc twistable intense lip colors. I was curious about this product because its so cheap but I probably won’t buy this again. It isn’t a color I would choose for myself and when I wear a dark color I prefer it to be a stain. It smudges easily and Im always so scared that this hot pink color will end up smeared on my cheek or teeth.

The color is “south ferry berry” and the tube is a ruby red but when applied its more of a dark magenta.

The first drugstore mask I tried were the Freeman masks and they were the worst masks ever. I may have been allergic to the cucumber one because my face broke out in 1000 little bumps right after taking it off and the Dead sea mask smelled so purfumey that I had to wash my face 3 times afterward because the smell was bothering me so much.

Montagne Jeunesse Honey peel off mask

After that experience I was a scared to try these peel masks because I thought they would be the same. I read up on it a bit before applying it and it contains a lot of natural ingredients. It looks and smells almost completely like sweet honey. It dries clear with a slight yellow tint and peels off dead skin and blackheads. Its not a miracle product but its perfect to gently clear skin once a week and it only costs $2.49.

Shell Fuel rewards card

I actually have a costco membership so thats where I buy my gas.

I can’t wait to see what box I get chosen to sample next! I believe you need an invitation to join Influenster. If that the case just email me your email address and I’ll send you an invite. Joviestaceypearl@gmail.com 

Thank you for reading!!!


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

BirchBox ~ March 2014

Today I received my birch box in the mail and It was much better than last months.  BirchBox is a subscription service thats sends you 4-5 sample products for $10 plus tax. If your interested in signing up you can use my referral link here.

I also heard that if you sign up now and use the code BB100 you get 100 points which is equivalent to $10 in there store.

Don’t forget to fill out your profile as soon as you sign up so you don’t get the crappy box.


Stila Lip Glaze in Pink Dragon fruit

This deluxe sample is only slightly smaller than the full size. They sell this size at ulta beauty for $8.

Size: 0.05fl oz vs. full size 0.08fl ozmarch6

Jergens BB body perfecting skin cream

It claims to perfect your skin in 5 days. Hydrates, Illuminates , evens skin, firms and corrects. Sounds too good to be true especially at only $12 for the full size. It also smells very sweet and has a bit of a floral scent as well. About a $2 value for the sample size.

size:1fl oz march4

Previse HydroMilk

Its funny because when I first previewed my box online I thought I was getting a bigger sample because of the Image but when I saw this little tiny packet I was a little disappointed. Its a body lotion and compared to the huge sample of body butter I received in this months Ipsy this is a total let down.

Air Repair Rescue Balm All-Purpose Skin Salve and Lip Balm

The Same Thing with this product I thought I would at least get a good sample of this since its just a salve but There is barely enough in this sample for 2 lip applications. The tube is about the size of my pinky and Its has less than a dime sized amount. Its smells like Lemon Grass and feels like Vaseline.march5

Keims Cleanshine Energizing Shampoo

This was actually a really good sample size at 50ml! Its probably enough to try for a week. I tried it today and it doesn’t lather… Its also very runny and leaks from the tube if you don’t close it properly.  Value $1.90.march2

This box was much better than last months box and I was much happier with the sizes of these samples. Total box value was about $11.90 not including the two teeny tiny samples. This barely breaks even with the cost of the box But I think Its because they have such a good points program. You get 10 point for each review you do on samples you receive. When you reach 100 points you get $10 for the shop to buy full size products! With just two boxes I already have enough points for $10 off. Yay!march1

Thank you for reading!!

Ill be receiving my March Escape Monthly box soon so don’t forget to subscribe! —->

Conscious Box Review ~ February 2014

Conscious box is 19.97 a month.

Its Yet another Subscription box service But this one is for every day Healthy Items. They Send About 7 or more Samples of Different Healthy Products. con

This Is what Was is my First Conscious box!

The First Item which is Hemp Hearts are Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds and its a .5 oz packet. I  tried a little and it tastes like raw peanuts.

Below That in the Picture are Chocolate Sleep squares and I wouldn’t know if they work or not because they were so Disgusting! I could just buy Melatonin Pills instead of having to chew this for a minute.

They also includes Cough and throat relief in apple spice flavor. I think I might just drink this even though I don’t have a cough. ^.^

con3_Fotor_CollageBelow are 4 tea packets they sent me. Im a little curious about the quit tea, maybe Ill give it to a smoker friend and see if it works.

Another tea Packet but this one is savory… I’ve never tried a tomato tea but it doesn’t sound that bad.

Baby wipes were also included in this months box and I just threw these in my purse.

The Cram Capsules are also kind of weird But I can’t wait to try them. Ill take It before work tomorrow and see if it helps me focus more. lol

The last item in the bottom corner below is a vitamin D gummy and it was so yummy. I’m even considering buying them!
con2_Fotor_CollageChocolate Banana Health bar. I don’t like chocolate so The only good thing in the box I couldn’t eat.
con4This Last Item is also a tea but its in liquid form and you just pour a little into some water. Its supposed to detox your body from all the surrounding toxins. con10

Half of this box was tea. I guess tea is the key to good health!

Im not sure If I’m willing to spend $20 for tea so I cancelled my subscription.

Your first box is supposed to be free with a code and you just pay shipping. Since I subscribed On the 26 of February  they send me February and march box this month and charged me 19.97 . When I contacted customer service they said you should subscribe for the free one and then go to your profile immediately after and cancel! I actually wanted to give them a chance but this box was the worst and there customer service is horrible as well.

You should take advantage of there free box. The code is “ONEFREE”  but remember to go to your profile immediately after subscribing and cancel. I mean thats what customer service told me to do!

Thank you for reading!!

Next up is March Ipsy bag!

Graze Review ~ February 2014

This Is my first month with Graze.  Graze is a snack subscription box that only costs $6 including shipping!  You get to choose what you like or love from there huge selection of snacks or you can trash the ones you never want sent to you.

If you Use my Friend code you get your first and fifth box FREE. how can you resist ?

FriendCode: 5R5Z4RZ3P


The Snack on the Top left is Raspberry & coconut muffin. 

It is a mixture of Raspberry infused Cranberries, coconut shavings, amaretti drops & almond slices.  When I saw Raspberry INFUSED cranberries I knew I had to try these.  Cant get Fancier than that lol

Im actually in a fruit phase right now and this snack was a little heavy but still good if your craving a cookie.

The Next Snack is top right and its called Garden of England.

Its Mini Strawberries, apples, and black Currants. I couldn’t wait for the picture and I ate almost the entire portion! You can probably tell which one was my favorite. lol

They Give you about a handful of each snack. Perfect Portions so you can’t even be tempted to over eat.

On the Bottom left  They Gave Me Jalapeño Fiesta.

Jalapeño Peanuts, Salsa Almonds, and Roasted Seeds.  These aren’t Spicy at all! This nut mix is kinda salty but delicious.

The last item In my graze box is the Summer berry Flapjack.

Its a oatmeal bar with Berry Infused Cranberries and it tastes exactly  how it sounds like a Cranberry Oatmeal cookie.

You can Choose How often they send them to you and you can also choose a box with only low calorie portions.

You Can also order vegan, gluten free and non dairy boxes!

They send you your snacks in Sealed snack packs perfect for lunch and the box + Booklet is 100% recyclable.

Chris here made his box into a Herb garden using the Punnet’s as little planters! So cute.
herb-gardenThank you for reading!!!

Dont Forget to Subscribe!

Free From Sephora!!

Sephora has a free rewards program where you can accumulate points with purchases you make. Every dollar you spend is 1 point and once you reach 100 points you can get a free deluxe sample of a featured product.

If you wait until you accumulate 500 points you can get a limited edition set! Your points don’t expire so you can take you sweet time collecting them and have a nice surprise when you reach 100 or 500 points. Although I think its better to wait til you reach 500 points because its usually worth more.

On my Recent trip to Sephora the Cashier informed me that I Finally Had collected 500 Points. Yay!

They Gave me {what I think is the best 500 point gift so far} a Benefit Set!

girlmeetspearlIt Came With a Full Size Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter { $30 Value} a Bene Tint Mini 0.13 fl oz and a Bad Gal Lash Mini 0.14 oz!
girlmeetspearl1They Give all this to you In the cute little box labeled Sweet to meet you! Things are so much better when there free!

I think they Have a L’Occitane Favorites set right now for 500 points too and it includes 5 deluxe samples.

Another Awesome Benefit of being a Sephora Beauty Insider Is that they give you a free Birthday gift every Year! 

In 2013 Sephora Gave me a Sample size They’re Real! mascara and Watt’s Up! highlighter. This Year they are giving a mini Make Up For Ever Lipstick and mascara! Too bad I have to Wait Until August.


I Highly Recommend you Sign up for Sephora Beauty Insider Program and at least get your free birthday gift.

They Also offer a birthday gift for MEN. {Usually a Mini Jack Black Shaving kit}

Thank you for reading!!!

NatureBox Review ~ February 2014

I decided to try NatureBox this month because my first box was 50% off and I’m a sucker for a good deal.

I don’t eat very healthy and I’m just going to say it … I’m kinda cheap. I never thought I would end up sticking with the subscription to NatureBox but After My first box I became hooked!


There are 3 Boxes to choose from.

  • Nature box deluxe~ $19.95 Comes with 5 full snack bags {you choose from the dozens of different snacks they have}
  • Happy Snacker~ $29.95 Comes with 10 Full sized snack bags{5 different snacks/ 2 of each snack=10 snacks total} This is the one I ordered.
  • Smart Snacker ~ $49.95 Comes with 20 Full sized Snack bags {5 different snacks/4 packages of each snack =20 snacks}

My box came with 11 packages of snacks but I ate 2 as soon as it arrived! {so they aren’t in the picture but they were duplicates anyway}

Lets Start with my bonus snack! They included a extra surprise snack … isn’t that nice.

My bonus snack was the Everything bagel stix. These are a vegan sesame stick with poppy seeds, garlic and onions.

These are garlic and onion flavored cracker stick. They are very crunchy, filling and pretty good when your craving a savory snack.

Serving size:1/3 cup Cal:170


I also chose the Dried California Peaches because they were on the NatureBox favorite list.

They are Obviously dehydrated peaches. I didn’t care for them {they smell so awful} and wouldn’t order them again.

Serving size:5 peaches cal:100

natureboxI had to order The Chipotle Maple almonds because they are so weird!

I think these are a really good deal considering that your paying only about $3 per snack and at my local sprouts flavored almonds are $13 a LB.

These are my Favorite because they taste like sweet maple and then POW! the spicy chipotle kicks in. 🙂

Serving size:1/4 cup cal:170


Pear Praline crunch is a sweet pear flavored mixture of pecans and cashews. They taste Like diet sweetener so it takes a little time to get used to them. I think without the pear flavor these would taste better. I gave these away and I won’t be ordering these again either.

Serving size:1/4 cup cal: 160

naturebox2Cashew Power Clusters

These just taste like a cashew power bar with a hint of sugar. Yummy!

Serving Size:1/4 cup Cal:150


Dried Granny Smith Apples

These are So delicious!! They are sweet, tart and taste exactly like an apple. Unlike dried bananas and peaches these are still refreshingly delectable. They are almost like chips but a little chewy {in a good way}

I could easily polish these off 10 min…. who am I kidding 5

Serving size: 10 rings Cal:100

I no longer reach for chips and candy because I have these snacks now! Hopefully soon Ill combine Healthy eating with exercise and lose a little weight. {This is a good start}

Thank you for reading and if your interesting in Signing up use this link and you will get 50% off your first box too!


Do you have a NatureBox subscription? Which one is your favorite snack?

Ipsy Review ~ February 2014

This is only my second bag from Ipsy! Just in case you don’t know what Ipsy is, its a Subscription company that sends you about 5 cosmetic items and a makeup bag every month for just 10$ +tax. 

what I love about this particular company is that you take a detailed quiz so they can customize your bag! Everyone gets something different and Its a Surprise until you receive your Glam bag.

As an Ipsy subscriber you get a discount on all the products they send out that month . Ill be Including the discount they offer in the description of each item.

This is what I received in my FEBRUARY bag!!


The Bag this month is hot pink for Valentines Day!

As a Ipsy member You get a discount on the products as well!

The First Item In my Bag was the Zoya Nail Polish and its a full size product!! This Product alone practically pays for the bag already   .5 Fl Oz

Color: Odette

Retails at $9 

Buy any 2 Zoya nail polishes and get 1 free plus a free zoya remover and $5 Shipping!


POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini and Its a pretty good size too At 4 g!

Color: Fuschia Freesia

25% off the Pop beauty.com


Dr. Lin Skin care Acne Spot Corrector .5 oz

50% off any purchase


Jesse’s Girls 9 pan Shadow pallet {Full size}.22 oz

Color: Brown Eyed Girl

Retail: $3.99

20% off a purchase

J.Cat Beauty Eyelashes plus Eyelash glue

Retail: $3.99

25% off purchase

Thats already $17 worth of beauty products and that not including the sample size lip gloss, Acne treatment and shipping cost if you were to buy these on there own! Im very Happy with this months bag and I’m really excited to get next months! ❤

There were about 15 different products you could have gotten depending on your quiz.

In this months Ipsy Bag I racked up enough points to earn a free beauty Blender & Cleanser!!


If You get 1000 points This month you can get a free Benefit High beam!! $26 value

If your interested in signing up for Ipsy please use my Link below so I can get points!

 Get Ipsy here : http://www.ipsy.com/r/52wp

Thank you for reading!!


FREE Julep Maven February 14

Julep Maven is a Subscription box service that sends you $40 worth of nail products every month for $19.99. You take a quiz on there site here and they determine what your style is and send you colors accordingly.

I was So excited to try them out {especially since my first box was  FREE}

Use The COUPON code FREEBOX and you can get your first box free as well!!

My Style was Boho Glam!


My Box arrived Really quickly {only took about 3 days} which is a definite plus because I hate waiting for packages. 🙂


My first box included 2 Nail polished, a nail a cuticle serum, and a cute nail buffer.


The colors I Received were Aisha & Michelle {Burgundy & Navy}

I loved my box but I wish it was a little cheaper.  I don’t think I will Be continuing this subscription {Maybe ill treat myself every so often} I wish I could skip until I wanted a new box but they only allow 2 skips a year.

You could even order this box for valentines day and your sweetie will get a nice surprise next month.

Thank you for reading!!

If you interesting in signing up for Julep just go here.

Don’t forget to use code FREEBOX to get your first box free!


Ill Also be posting my Review for NatureBox soon!