Graze Review ~ February 2014

This Is my first month with Graze.  Graze is a snack subscription box that only costs $6 including shipping!  You get to choose what you like or love from there huge selection of snacks or you can trash the ones you never want sent to you.

If you Use my Friend code you get your first and fifth box FREE. how can you resist ?

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The Snack on the Top left is Raspberry & coconut muffin. 

It is a mixture of Raspberry infused Cranberries, coconut shavings, amaretti drops & almond slices.  When I saw Raspberry INFUSED cranberries I knew I had to try these.  Cant get Fancier than that lol

Im actually in a fruit phase right now and this snack was a little heavy but still good if your craving a cookie.

The Next Snack is top right and its called Garden of England.

Its Mini Strawberries, apples, and black Currants. I couldn’t wait for the picture and I ate almost the entire portion! You can probably tell which one was my favorite. lol

They Give you about a handful of each snack. Perfect Portions so you can’t even be tempted to over eat.

On the Bottom left  They Gave Me Jalapeño Fiesta.

Jalapeño Peanuts, Salsa Almonds, and Roasted Seeds.  These aren’t Spicy at all! This nut mix is kinda salty but delicious.

The last item In my graze box is the Summer berry Flapjack.

Its a oatmeal bar with Berry Infused Cranberries and it tastes exactly  how it sounds like a Cranberry Oatmeal cookie.

You can Choose How often they send them to you and you can also choose a box with only low calorie portions.

You Can also order vegan, gluten free and non dairy boxes!

They send you your snacks in Sealed snack packs perfect for lunch and the box + Booklet is 100% recyclable.

Chris here made his box into a Herb garden using the Punnet’s as little planters! So cute.
herb-gardenThank you for reading!!!

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