Influenster ~ Viva Vox Box

influInfluenster is a great site that gives you points for doing surveys and reviews on products. Once you collect a certain amount of points they send you Free boxes with products to try. Once you receive your box you will have to share it on social media and review all the products. Its really easy and its one of the few legit sites for free goodies!

This is my first Box from Influenster and its called VivaVoxBox. Everything including shipping was absolutely free.influ1

influ5Pure Ice Nail polish in “Its Complicated” & “Afterhours” {$1.69}

I love both of these colors so much. I just had my nails done so I won’t be posting swatches for another couple of days.

influ2 Cetaphil Gently Cleansing Clothes 25 count Ultra soft {$5.99}

Today was my first time using these and it removed all my make up perfectly without any greasy residue. I can’t tell if it removes waterproof makeup since I don’t use any but it worked well on my regular make-up and my lip stain. Ill continue to use them and update this when I’ve tried them a few more times. Right now I use Neutrogena cleansing wipes in pink grapefruit and I can’t live without them.

Vaseline Spray & go Moisturizer {$7.99}

I love these commercials where the girl sprays the lotion all over and jumps into her clothes. 🙂 I was curious about this product but I never purchased it because I have a million lotions. Im always on the hunt for a lotion that is weightless and non-greasy. I can’t stand being greasy and sticky especially on hot days.

This should be the new way to apply lotion! I Love how fast it is to apply and it really does absorb in seconds. If you apply it just like the girl does in the commercial then you will have the perfect amount to moisturize your body without excess like you would if you were guessing the amount with the tube lotions. It comes in 3 different scents which are cocoa butter, aloe vera & oat. If they came out with a coconut scent I would be in love!

influ6NYC Proof twistable intense lip color {$2.99}

I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews about these Nyc twistable intense lip colors. I was curious about this product because its so cheap but I probably won’t buy this again. It isn’t a color I would choose for myself and when I wear a dark color I prefer it to be a stain. It smudges easily and Im always so scared that this hot pink color will end up smeared on my cheek or teeth.

The color is “south ferry berry” and the tube is a ruby red but when applied its more of a dark magenta.

The first drugstore mask I tried were the Freeman masks and they were the worst masks ever. I may have been allergic to the cucumber one because my face broke out in 1000 little bumps right after taking it off and the Dead sea mask smelled so purfumey that I had to wash my face 3 times afterward because the smell was bothering me so much.

Montagne Jeunesse Honey peel off mask

After that experience I was a scared to try these peel masks because I thought they would be the same. I read up on it a bit before applying it and it contains a lot of natural ingredients. It looks and smells almost completely like sweet honey. It dries clear with a slight yellow tint and peels off dead skin and blackheads. Its not a miracle product but its perfect to gently clear skin once a week and it only costs $2.49.

Shell Fuel rewards card

I actually have a costco membership so thats where I buy my gas.

I can’t wait to see what box I get chosen to sample next! I believe you need an invitation to join Influenster. If that the case just email me your email address and I’ll send you an invite. 

Thank you for reading!!!


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.